Monday, June 6, 2016

My Tricycle: An Homage to William Eggleston

© 2014, Joanne Scherf

© 2014, Joanne Scherf

A blast from the past.  My early childhood tricycle that I was storing for use as a possible prop for a child's portrait is no longer.  I never got the chance to use it due to damage obtained from a sewer flood.  So the second best option was to photograph it for posterity before being permanently discarded.  So basically in retrospect, my two images above are basically an homage to the great photographer, William Eggleston's "Untitled, Tricycle, Memphis" (1970) which was auctioned in 2012 for $578,500.  

Untitled, Tricycle, Memphis (1970
© William Eggleston
For those photography history buffs, you'll recall that Eggleston's claim to fame, other than his pioneering color work was his mantra of documenting ordinary things instead of capturing beautiful landscapes or fine art.  Basically finding beauty in the mundane was what made William Eggleston famous. So overall my little tricycle may not compare, but I too saw the beauty in this well-used and damaged "hot wheels" of my youth.  

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