Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dumpster Project: Highlighting Artist Mac Premo

While my passion and blog subject matter is devoted to photography I am always looking at other art forms as a source of inspiration or just another excuse to appreciate the brilliant visual interpretations of other artists.  This past week I was fortunate to come across an unusual exhibit in Sarasota, Florida on the grounds of The Ringling ( that I felt was worth sharing.

This exhibit, Dumpster Project, is not in the art museum, but directly on the massive grounds of The Ringling where one could just walk into this very engaging art experience.  As you might have guessed, the Dumpster Project is encapsulated in an actual dumpster that contains over 400 found objects by collage artist Mac Premo.  This creation came about because he had to downsize his studio due to a location move.  Being a collage artist, Mac created this electic history of his life by displaying a vast array of objects representing a segment of his life history.  Take a minute to hear Mac as he briefly describes the basic elements of the Dumpster Project in the video.

Mac framing inner walls of dumpster to hold exhibit

Long view as one enters the dumpster

Though the long view provides an overall perspective I found it fascinating in closer review of what the collage elements were and how they were presented.  Just a few of my images provide a closer look.

©2015, Joanne Scherf

©2015, Joanne Scherf

©2015, Joanne Scherf

©2015, Joanne Scherf

Here's another video, Doublewide's documentary trailer for the Dumpster Project to gain additional insight into this mind-blowing collage exhibit.

For additional info on Mac's project

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