Monday, December 1, 2014

Image of the Month: December 2014

"We all look at the same things, yet see different things."   Claude Monet

Art can be complex, mysterious, engaging, symbolic; all these things and many more.  But catching a quick glimpse of people as they view a piece of art is also just as interesting.  I was doing assignment work at a gallery opening when I noticed just how fun it was to observe people interact with the art.  In this image below, I was slightly amused when the gentleman's body position appeared to mirror the leaning form of the twisted vertical glass sculpture he was viewing. 

It would certainly be fun to see what the gentleman was thinking, like a cartoon bubble overhead with his thoughts.  In lieu of that, it got me thinking and just wondering about people's interpretation of art in general, like ........

  • What were his first impressions?
  • How do people respond to art?
  • What is the aesthetic experience of perceiving and enjoying art?
  • What is the relationship between art and emotion?
Basically....why look at art?

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