Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Image of the Month: July 2014

This image of the month is quite special to me for several reasons.  It exemplifies my philosophy of creating images that go beyond being "just pretty" in the attempt to convey an emotional connection from the viewer, or as my brand pronounces....images that transcend.  In this case, I captured the image literally within safe distance from the potent and mighty force of the water's energy with no zoom or telescopic lens, just me and my iPhone.  I've done considerable hiking and encountered a variety of waterfalls, but Vernal Falls in Yosemite is probably the most powerful and mesmerizing cascade that has left quite an impression on me, so much so that I shot a brief video for my personal remembrance and Zen moments when needed.

© 2014, Joanne Scherf

Access to the base and ultimately top of the falls is done via the Mist Trail.  Aptly named, a section of the trail hangs on the vertical precipice as one climbs over 600 natural granite steps embedded in the mountain side.  A soft, fine mist from the falls softly envelopes hikers on this section of the trail, to a point of being completely drenched, then ultimately dried upon conquering the summit of the falls origin.   The other reason this image is special is my luck at being present for the appearance of the rainbow at the base, created by the appropriate mixture of sunlight and crystal elements of the mist as it rises from the valley floor.  More succinctly, my stillness of mind and being present to actually see what presented itself directly before me.  As if that weren't enough, other images in this collection portray a horizontal view of the fall's base with a double rainbow.  A sign of good luck; one can only hope.

One last note worth mentioning about this image.  I'll write at length about this theory later but for now let me briefly introduce, Miksang.  Miksang means "good eye" in Tibetan; a form of contemplative photography that expresses the experience of seeing by the photographer.  In this case my goal is to create images that carries within them my heart, mind, and soul of my experience as I capture a moment in time. It's about engaging in the present moment, requiring stillness of mind, patience, and the desire to really see what is there, using a camera to express my visual perception exactly as I see it.  My trademark approach goes well beyond being just a pretty picture, it'a all about conveying an experience where one EXPLORES the potential, ENGAGES your soul, and enables one to ESCAPE reality (registered TM).

I'm considering perhaps creating inspirational posters of similar Yosemite (and other travel sites).  Your thoughts are most welcome on this.  Interested?  Do people still purchase posters and frame them.  I digress, but surely something to think about.  Also thinking about creating an eBook on this collection for those more inclined to technology....more news and updates to follow.

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