Thursday, May 1, 2014

Image of the Month: May 2014

© 2014, Joanne Scherf
This month I'm sharing an image that resulted in somewhat of a mishap. However I decided to just go with the momentum and stay with it to see where it ended up.  This image is a perfect example of my previous two blog entries, where I believe "Failure IS Success", and "The Art of Trying NOT To Try".

It's one of my newest images I will add to the most recent portfolio I'm working on, Aerial Arboretum.  As with the other images in this portfolio, it began as a simple portrait of a lonely tree.  With a few subsequent adjustments I further enhanced the image to offer the perspective of an aerial view.  In the normal process flow of my abstract work I typically create on average of about ten to fifteen images until I rest on the final interpretation where I experience the "aha" moment.

To be blunt, there were two aspects of the adjusted image that was not pleasing to me; no warm and fuzzy feelings just yet.  First the slight pixelation was distracting, and secondly a very slight pink hue appeared at about the seventh version of this image.  I was intrigued with the introduction of this soft pink hue and decided to use it to my advantage by increasing the size and then later doing some freestyle painting more of the pink hue into a sweeping element that provides a balance on many fronts.  With the continuous building of twelve to fifteen abstract versions to create just one final image a pixelation effect is often produced, so it's always a very tricky process.  The way around the pixelation issue was to use the blur tool to soften the edges and then backfill with the freestyle pink brush strokes.

Viola....the "aha" moment has occurred!  The message is mistakes happen that one can learn from.  Plus if you are mindful and open to possibilities, anything can be accomplished.  So this as-yet-to-be named image will be the newest addition to my Aerial Arboretum portfolio,!/portfolio/C0000vTXoT0.UTko/G0000ILYCLQGQHhA, all because I didn't let a few mishaps stand in my way.

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