Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Venus Rising Published in Silvershotz

It's taken a year to go through the publication process but the wait was well worth the effort. I'm now proud to announce I am one of eleven women who have been featured in the just-released Silvershotz: International Journal of Contemporary Photography; Volume 8, Edition 5.  The main focus of this Silvershotz issue was written to promote the visibility of women working in the photographic arts, as we all happen to be a few select members of the Women in Photography International (WIPI) organization  Not only is this issue "all about women", but it's now a collector's item as the final print version of the Silvershotz publication before it continues as a digital subscription. To purchase a copy of this final print version, go to

Below you'll find the 4-page spread from the journal to get an idea of page layout and presentation.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post and you'll find three links:  a READABLE VERSION of My Article & Gallery (my 4-page spread, pages 72-75), Feature article, and press release

*Direct Link to My Article and Feature Gallery at      

Introductory Feature Article for all photographers at

Press Release at

As I was quoted in the article..."overall my signature style tends to be concept-driven images that elicit an emotional connection drawn by the simplicity of design, oftentimes with a layer of complexity that hovers behind the facade.  In the end, my work is more about translations rather than just seeing; my images are equivalents of emotions expressed over observed reality."

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