Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best New Find: Feature Shoot

As a member of the creative community it's always a challenge to self-promote yourself, more specifically, identifying the resource that can provide a positive lead to exposure, assignments, or just the personal connection with someone in the industry.

My newest discovery is a site, Feature Shoothttp://www.featureshoot.com/#!FofBF that appears to be a promising venue.  Alison Zavos is the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief and photography editor.  She showcases all genres of work and since launching in 2008 has accumulated an archive of over 3,000+ international photographers and won LIFE.com's 2011 Photo Blog Award as the "Web's 20 most compelling, most consistently insightful and surprising photography blogs."  Learn about photographers in fine art, portraits, documentary, still life, landscape, video and other genres.  Plus the added bonus of being able to submit your work for the website, in addition to advertising options.

But what really caught my interest was an April 21 entry, 101 Photo Industry Professionals You Should Follow on Twitter.  http://www.featureshoot.com/2014/04/101-photo-industry-professionals-follow-twitter/#!FokqZ.  In this post Alison provides the reader with name, title and twitter contact info for 101 of professionals in the photo industry that run the gamut from editors, directors, curators, gallery owners, and then some.  For an artist in today's environment, it's all about self-promotion and the ability to have resources and contacts that can take you to the next level of exposure.

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