Monday, March 3, 2014

Inspiration: Nathan Wirth

For the past two years I have been following photographer Nathan Wirth out of San Francisco.  My first encounter was actually his blog/ezine site, A Slice of Silence, that highlights neutral density, black & white imagery via essays, interviews, spotlights and features.  Unlike the nanosecond forms of communications typical of today's insane pace, Nathan conducts intense and deep interviews with fellow photographers (typically neutral density) that is invariably quite lengthy but always time well spent; like eavesdropping on a great a conversation.  Check out his latest interview/conversation with photographer David Fokos at

Nathan's academic background is actually English Literature and self-taught photographer using a variety of techniques to focus on the wonderment of existence and the solitude of silence.  With his literary background I think it offers a different perspective to his imagery.  Plus his work has the added bonus of oftentimes being accompanied by text written by legendary authors or an occasional original by himself. Aside from his keen interview skills, Nathan has extraordinary neutral density and infrared images, both in composition and presentation.  A unique twist is that he often creates self portraits by inserting himself into the compositions, and sometimes with a great sense of humor.

© Nathan Wirth

The inspiration of Nathan Wirth, both in his interviews and imagery, is strongly recommended for those interested in "conversations about photography".  Again...go to Nathan's blog/zine site for more interviews at  Also don't forget to check out his features, spotlights and other interviews.

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