Saturday, March 1, 2014

Image of the Month: March 2014

With the cold winter months fast approaching the first day of spring I thought I'd present something colorful in preparation for a season without a blanket of white snow everywhere.  I made a slight challenge to myself and ventured out doing a self-imposed assignment that would take me out of my comfort zone of solo landscape projects.  For this activity I chose to venture into a local shop that specializes in the business of gift wrapping, Lisa's Gift Wrappers ( This would require me to be bold and confront a total stranger for a request to observe her in action in a public setting.  The creative challenge was to discover "art" in elementary, everyday encounters. I for one do not possess this skill and always admire creative gift wrapping as a true art form.  Walking in off the street, I approached the owner and asked if I could just hang out to capture her wrapping in the fully stocked workshop and also admire some of her finished products.

Instead of always taking what I would consider a "final" image of the entire package I chose to focus more on the basic elements of gift wrapping.  Using these elements of some very basic images I then created triptychs and quadtychs for added interest or more of a storytelling approach.  The triptych below is just highlighting the colorful arrangements of bows created as splashes of vibrant color; a tease to open the gift. Click on the images below for full screen viewing.

© Joanne Scherf

The quadtych is another image of simple elements, that by itself displays familiar objects of bold colors and shapes. In this case just the basic supplies of paper and assorted ribbons.

All this; boxes, ribbons, paper and bows makes the final gift box, at least in my eyes, a piece of art.

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