Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special V-Day Promotion

February 14 is V-Day, a global campaign founded by Eve Ensler (activist, author and producer of Vagina Monologues) to bring attention to the movement dedicated to end violence against women and girls.  This special day is when over One Billion Women strong will be rising and dancing for gender justice.  It's about calling for an end to all forms of inequality, discrimination, violence and outright demand for dignity, respect, and full rights for all women.

In celebration of women, I will rise for justice by offering 5 abstract images from my award-winning (national and international) Venus Rising portfolio at a discount for the entire month of February.  The images represent a design performance as my capture and development takes place with an iPhone.  Beginning with a traditional landscape or still life object I literally swirl, twist and shape this raw image until it evolves into an abstract translation of the essence and beauty of the female body, representing women's emotional power and spiritual energy.  The image below, Venus Embrace, is one of the five images available for the special promotion.

Venus Embrace
@2012, Joanne Scherf

For details on my special promotion, go to a page on my website called, V-Day Special Sale;!/p/features

More details on the V-Day celebration can be found at

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