Thursday, January 2, 2014

Image of the Month: January 2014

The beginning of the year often finds me in a reflective mood on months past and seeking the potential for future possibilities.  So I think the perfect image is one of my Winter Haiku images because its minimalist quality forces one to calm the mind in a form of meditation.  This series is literally a work in progress as I continue to selectively add to the collection.

Basically the Winter Haiku portfolio is loosely based on Japanese haiku poetry of 5-7-5 aesthetics consisting of 17 or fewer syllables. Typically three lines that do not rhythm form the short poem centered on nature as its subject.  Translating that concept into photography is basically taking nature or landscape images that expresses the oneness with the seasons, winds, seas, and sensations.  It begins with having an open heart and mind to be able to convey two traditional haiku elements:  awareness or the experience of observation, and the feeling of awe and wonder in something occurring everyday.

This particular image was observed on a winter's day walking about seeing remnants of seasons past buried in drifts of winter's cold embrace.  What follows is my attempt at writing a haiku poem and corresponding image of a picnic table lost amidst the white blanket.

One lonely bench
Sits quietly for a visitor
Amidst drifts of winter’s white
               © 2014, Joanne Scherf

Haiku 2
@ 2010, Joanne Scherf

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