Friday, September 20, 2013

New Gallery: Empty Presence

As an outcome of my two summer classes in Long Exposure (LE) photography I not only added to two existing portfolios, but also created an entirely new one, Empty Presence.  I felt the LE approach would be the perfect approach to what I wanted to express.  The genesis of the portfolio came about as an expression for my love of nature and oftentimes in my wandering for spaces of solitude I would come upon evidence of previous visitors encountering my favorite locations or newly discovered sites.

© 2013, Joanne Scherf

Empty Presence can best be summed up as the "ghostly" presence of humans in nature.  Basically as I see it, nature provides a space of solitude, a zone of quiet respite where one can embrace the view that feeds the soul.  This portfolio, Empty Presence, demonstrates the absent presence of humans in nature represented by a fleeting glimpse, hints, traces, artifacts or actual ghostly shadows of humans interacting with the environment.  If you look closely you'll see evidence that humans were previously "in the picture" so to speak.

My approach consisted of black & white rather than the typical selection of color for landscapes as I wanted to limit the distraction the viewer is usually confronted with.  I also wanted to demonstrate the duality of nature we experience whether we think about it or not.  That is, by using a panoramic perspective and format I was able to show the vastness of the open spaces.  Yet at the same time my vision and intent was also to strive to exhibit the intimate embrace of nature at the same time.

Hopefully as you view and study Empty Presence, you'll see nature has the ability to simultaneously provide vast open spaces yet at the same time indulge one in a soft embrace for an intimate experience. Direct link for Empty Presence is:

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