Sunday, September 1, 2013

Image of the Month: September 2013

I find myself at the end of the summer season feeling in a reflective mood, similar to that of year's end in December.  With the passing of the season from one to the next, a time of transition if you will, I think an appropriate image for this month might be a sunset.  For those familiar with my work however, that is perhaps not subject matter that I usually spend any time on.  In fact, over my career I can honestly say that I've probably only captured two "sunset" images, and this is one of them.  Since sunsets are usually taken by the masses of people as evidence or documentation of travel, vacation, or otherwise, I tend to focus my efforts on other points of interest the landscape provides.  That said, let me explain my fixation with this particular sunset image.

© 2008, Joanne Scherf

Overall my landscape images tend to fall in the "deconstruction" approach as I focus my vision and intent on creating a scene with a minimalist sense; one that is free from general clutter as I provide the viewer with explicit direction on exactly where to focus.  This typically results in a somewhat graphic interpretation of the scene.  So in this image, you can see the composition is extremely simple for several reasons: primarily only blue and orange colors, repetitive geometric shapes of color create an abstraction, and the uncluttered composition of just water, sky, horizon and raft in the distance. Basically I created this image for the brilliant shapes of color that I saw upon capture, not so much for the cloud formations typically observed at sunset.  Even though I ended up taking the typical "pretty picture" I think I accomplished a more abstract interpretation of the subject matter that allows the viewer to contemplate and perhaps fixate on the interplay of the colors and even lose sight of the content.  If so, then I accomplished my mission to provide a different perspective on a familiar subject matter.


  1. this photo hits me at my very core.

  2. Glad you like the image Kate; thanks for the positive feedback:)