Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 International Photography Award Winner....4 Awards with 3 Portfolios

It's hard to describe the level of exhilaration and joy one experiences when receiving notification of professional recognition by a jury of leaders in the industry.  This moment of bliss was intensified because it was the first time I ventured into the highly competitive world of international juried shows and actually had all three of my portfolios receive recognition in the IPA, International Photography Awards event.  Overall I'd say it was a great day as I walked away with Honorable Mentions in four categories:
  1. Abstract - "Venus Rising"
  2. Architecture/Buildings - "Zachor-Remember"
  3. Fine Art - "Axis Mundi-Trees of Life"
  4. Landscape - "Axis Mundi-Trees of Life"
On another level, it was my first attempt to submit work using techniques that was fairly new to me; either using the iPhone to create abstracts or my SLR camera to capture long exposure black&white images for an ethereal quality.  My Venus Rising portfolio began May 2012 as I tried to replicate a glass blower's design performance technique and literally "swirl" my image as if it were hot molten liquid glass to create beautiful abstracts out of a traditional landscape or still life image.  The other two portfolios I submitted to IPA were black&white long exposure images.  Axis Mundi-Trees of Life was actually started in March 2012 when I took my first long exposure class with Marc Koegel, a world-renowned photographer originally from Hamburg, Germany now residing in Vancouver, Canada.  I built on what Marc taught me and took another class from him May 2013 as I added more knowledge to my toolkit.  Almost at the same time I took another long exposure, black & white class from Joel Tjintjelaar from the Netherlands; an international star in long exposure, black & white photography specializing in architecture.  From both classes I continued to add to my Axis Mundi portfolio and begin the early stages of portfolio development for the Zachor-Remember series.

So essentially my efforts to learn new techniques (long exposure) and test the boundaries (iPhone) by submitting three portfolios to compete on a world stage was more then well worth the effort.  I certainly feel fortunate to continue to add to my professional development and be rewarded by recognition from my peers.

For direct links to the IPA pages highlighting my work:

Venus Rising (Abstract Award)

Zachor-Remember (Architecture Award)

Axis Mundi-Trees of Life (Fine Art and Landscape Award)

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