Thursday, August 1, 2013

Image of the Month: August 2013

I find myself drifting back to my first love in photography....the black & white image.  My personal connection with this approach is based on the fact that using black & white removes the image further away from the reality of color.  This distance from reality I believe makes the image more abstract and ultimately more engaging.  This month's image was taken at a local park and what works for me and provides intrigue is the complexity evident in a relatively simple print.  Starting from the bottom-up, the "sea weed" provides an interesting foreground due to it's texture and close proximity to the viewer; a quick connection to getting drawn into the image.  The middle ground provides a quiet lake that is dynamic merely because of the cloud reflections playfully shimmering within the texture of the water.  And of course, one can't overlook the dramatic clouds in the sky that provide a dance of contrast.  So whether one works from top-down, or bottom-up, or takes the entire image in at once, there's enough elements to keep one immersed in the experience and linger even longer for more details.

© 2013,

Here's a little experiment for you, if you're game.  Next time you take a picture, or envision one, in your mind's eye imagine what that image would look like in black & white instead of the traditional color approach.  Does it add another element of interest, intrigue, abstraction, connection, engagement or more?  At first you may feel removing the color is completely abnormal and awkward feeling, but I believe over time you might even prefer it over color, as black & white imagery makes the viewer linger long enough to comprehend the minutiae and focus on all the elements without being distracted by the color.