Thursday, July 18, 2013

Passion Drives Profit

I just watched a very interesting TED conference video by Simon Sinek.  His theme was the "golden circle" where he explains a simple, yet powerful inspirational model for not only leadership or change, but I found it applicable as an artist.  Basically the "golden circle" has three rings.  Going from the outer ring to the core ring is the "what", "how" and finally at the core, the "why".  Speaking from an artist's perspective I found it fascinating as Simon made it clear I was trying to "sell" my "what" other words my prints.  In the drive to sell my product, I totally missed focusing on my "why"; the one true core value that differentiates my work from others.  Basically, the "why" is governed by the limbic portion of the brain that has no capacity for language but rather is driven by feelings, human behavior and decision-making.  Simon's basic theory based on scientific research is that people buy the "why" you do something, not "what" you do, so he encourages you to do business with people who share what you believe, which is the "why".  The profit is merely an end result of one's passion, so without the "why" there really is no "what".

Don't take my word for it.  Check out Simon's TED talk below and re-discover your "why".

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