Thursday, July 18, 2013

Passion Drives Profit

I just watched a very interesting TED conference video by Simon Sinek.  His theme was the "golden circle" where he explains a simple, yet powerful inspirational model for not only leadership or change, but I found it applicable as an artist.  Basically the "golden circle" has three rings.  Going from the outer ring to the core ring is the "what", "how" and finally at the core, the "why".  Speaking from an artist's perspective I found it fascinating as Simon made it clear I was trying to "sell" my "what" other words my prints.  In the drive to sell my product, I totally missed focusing on my "why"; the one true core value that differentiates my work from others.  Basically, the "why" is governed by the limbic portion of the brain that has no capacity for language but rather is driven by feelings, human behavior and decision-making.  Simon's basic theory based on scientific research is that people buy the "why" you do something, not "what" you do, so he encourages you to do business with people who share what you believe, which is the "why".  The profit is merely an end result of one's passion, so without the "why" there really is no "what".

Don't take my word for it.  Check out Simon's TED talk below and re-discover your "why".

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Out and About

Having great fun re-discovering the joy of long exposure (LE) photography as it requires patience and quiets the mind in a purposeful manner.  LE photography is certainly the other end of the spectrum where immediate nano-second feedback is not the norm where one typically is in the "motorized shutter" mentality....LE is rather steady, slow and easy.  It's sort of like the old school method of using a view camera where there is lots of time for contemplation, set-up/prep and execution; again, mindfulness.

So even though I'm in several classes for Black & White LE photography I thought you might enjoy this color image because it really shows off the water reflections beautifully.  Just another image from Detroit that is not the usual "ruin porn" that is in such abundance; a nice change don't you think?

© 2013, Joanne Scherf

Monday, July 1, 2013

Image of the Month: July

Often when I'm out capturing work for a specific series I always have one eye open for the other spontaneous possibilities that may occur.  This is one scenario where in the midst of setting up the tripod, calculating exposures, and waiting for the extended time of long exposure, my eye searched the area and I came upon this scene.  The capture is just a traditional, straight-forward focus and shoot, nothing fancy, no long exposure, special lens, or manipulation...just what my eyes observed that day.

© 2013, Joanne Scherf
For a somewhat pedestrian water image it has a lot to offer if one takes the time to read the composition. For example, I particularly like the serenity the scene evokes and from a composition perspective it fills the frame with foreground, middle and background interest of both vertical and horizontal aspects.  Plus the added bonus of texture the ripples of water in the background provides, and the playful meandering of the lily pads strewn across the middle.  Another attribute would be the vertical spikes of the grasses in the foreground that provides leading lines and nudges the viewer to scan the entire frame for content and intrigue all around.

So I'm all for pre-visualization but at the same time a huge proponent for the spontaneity of just wandering and taking delight in whatever discovery comes my way.