Monday, June 3, 2013

New and Improved

I've just completed Week #1 (of six) in a new Master class I'm taking and already I can see significant improvements.  It's a long exposure class, but the major emphasis is on fine-tuning the post processing of black & white (B&W) images.  Contrary to popular opinion, photography is more than just clicking a shutter, it's image capture, post-production, and printing, all of which require a completely new and different skill set. Mastery of all three elements is essential instead of farming out your work for others to complete the post-production and printing.  So this is where my class is helping me advance my post-production skills for B&W, which is a fine art unto itself.

I'll keep you posted as I make further progress.  Also I start another long exposure (LE) class starting next week that runs for 10 weeks, so there will definitely be more to share over the summer and beyond. Anyway, here's a before and after version of a 2010 image comparing what I knew in B&W post-production and what I've learned in just one week for today's assignment.

I had already converted the image from color to B&W, then enhanced the black & white processing with what I knew at the time (2010).

Previous BW Processing Knowledge
© 2010, Joanne Scherf

Now here's the same image from 2010.  However it now demonstrates applying what I just learned this past week in my new class on BW post-production.  Notice how the changes in tonal adjustments and such have helped me direct the viewer's eye to focus on specific elements of the image.  Also this new technique provides a more dramatic and ethereal overtone to the image; far different from my 1st attempt at B&W post-production back in 2010.

Current BW Processing Knowledge
© 2010, Joanne Scherf

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