Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For the Fun Of It

In the recent pursuit of improving my photography skills with multiple classes I feel as if the majority of my time is spent reading, researching, thinking, practicing newly developing software processing skills; that is everything BUT capturing images!  Enough of this madness!  I've been waiting for the perfect cloud type, formation, and cloud to sky ratio for capturing the ideal long exposure, but the weather hasn't been cooperating as of late.  However today was around 70 degrees and just too nice to be indoors shackled to my computer.  So I decided to get back to basics and take the camera out for a spin and see what adventure I would discover and just shoot for the fun of it; a free spirit of sorts at least for the day.

Much to my delight not only was the temperature absolutely gorgeous, but as the day progressed the perfect cloud formations actually developed.  Enough about the clouds, as I'll blog about those images at a later date.  For now I'll just share my fun discovery as I left the lakeshore trail that led me to a pool on the grounds of a famous estate.  I processed this image differently than my normal workflow (again another event on today's "fun" scale) but I think it reflects the mood perfectly. Imagine circa 1950's-1960's with a gin & tonic in hand, overlooking the pool out to the lake on the horizon.  The perfect location for a perfect Michigan day.

© 2013, Joanne Scherf

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