Monday, April 1, 2013

Image of the Month: April

When I take a moment to reflect on my favorite images, from vintage through contemporary, I find myself attracted to the same elements over and over again.  For me, what really sets an image apart is the use of light, powerful graphic sense, perspective, juxtaposition, flow, and reflection.  If luck is on my side and I'm able to have more than one of those elements available, I definitely feel I'm in the right place at the right time.

© 2013, Joanne Scherf

This is one in a series of images documenting people in their work environment.  It's not unusual that they're walking, but what makes this image interesting and worth a second consideration is the unusual interpretation of a rather normal, mundane event.  My immediate attraction and need to capture this scene were the combination of these strong elements:

  • lighting from underneath, with soft lighting on the edges; not exactly the norm
  • glass walking surface offers opportunities for transparency and reflection
  • leading lines of the walkway naturally guides the viewer from bottom right to upper left 
  • orientation of people is atypical; looks as if they are walking on a banked wall
  • grid design of the floor provides a strong graphic sense and design
Again another example of how shooting what you know or staying close to one's neighborhood offers a tremendous opportunity for creative images.

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