Monday, February 11, 2013

Image of the Month: February 2013

Better late than never, here's my February Image of the Month, so without further hesitation....

Oftentimes with the typical Michigan winter weather I find myself struggling to come up with interesting subject matter that doesn't fall into the traditional category of "just a pretty picture" of the landscape.  So yes my images have snow but my subject matter is definitely not the norm for the winter landscape, thereby fulfilling my challenge of capturing something with a little more narrative going on behind the scenes.

@2011, Joanne Scherf

I've been working on a series of images for several years that are very minimalist in nature, sort of my "winter haiku" but in a visual medium and one that hints at a peaceful and meditative beauty.  I want them to look sparse, a world of white, revealing glimpses of what existed before the snow fell.  Basically capturing artifacts that are not typically juxtaposed with a world of white snow blanketing the objects themselves.  These artifacts represent a dormant existence, temporarily frozen in time, awaiting the reassurance of an imminent thaw.