Thursday, January 17, 2013

Experiment: Art of the Mundane

In the northern climates of long winter months it's often an effort to maintain one's routine of going outside to explore potential sites let alone haul equipment to even capture images.  It's always something.....below freezing temperatures or mounds of snow to contend with.  But take heart, even the most inspired minds and willing bodies need to kick-start their creativity now and again. That's why I'm sharing this "inside day" experiment I created for myself last winter when the environment was just too intolerable.

This experiment might seem a bit bizarre but the mindset was to continually challenge myself and fine tune my skill of "seeing".  The hope is that I would not only see the beauty in familiar objects of my indoor environment, but at the same time continue to build a collection of images over time that would develop into a cohesive theme.  The additional benefit was to use my equipment to my advantage, without any constrictions or restraints.
The experiment consisted of these basic parameters:
  • Stay indoors
  • Focus on familiar objects, scenes, or elements of everyday life
  • Slow down enough to actually "see" what you take for granted or pass by on a daily basis
  • Take a playful approach to using your equipment...."what if"
  • Create art from the mundane
Mundane 1
© 2011, Joanne Scherf
Mundane 2
© 2011, Joanne Scherf

I can happily report that the experiment in "seeing" and searching for "art of the mundane" was extremely successful.  I have tons more images for my new collection that I liked but I think you get the idea. So it's not all that crazy to spend a day indoors, out of the winter elements, to just play.  You'd be surprised at the outcome!

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