Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Near Zero...A Foggy Day in Michigan

The Fog

The fog veils the dawn
With fear and anxiety, cloaking
Moor, meadow and me in mists of mystery
And moist smoke and mirrors.

Muzzled by a heavy shroud
Of whiter shades of pale,
Birdsong and bubbling brook
Fall silent as if to warn.

Green fields seem grey,
Flattened stems seem weighted
By the compassing cloud
That has sunk to earth
To swallow me whole.

I cannot see beyond
The damply masking fog
In mind and moor
To the sharp mountains beyond,
Wild and free,
Bright and clear.

©  2009, Inspired Writing

I've driven past this rural landscape on my way to a weekly destination and always enjoyed the atmosphere. But now this day was somehow different.  The normal December weather did not greet me, but rather I was embraced by a low dense fog, rain, and moderate temperature.  Yes this was the perfect time for a few roadside stops to take it all in.  Luckily I was able to approach within close proximity an abandoned farm house I discovered years ago but somehow the ambience just wasn't right...that is until this day.  Plus the weathered and worn summer grasses just radiated a warm glow in this climate.  Another treat was the large scale art that is routinely scheduled for this remote rural setting that oddly seems an appropriate destination.

Overall this strange winter weather in Michigan presents opportunities where moments of wandering and hidden treasures await.  Ultimately this experience and brief imagery resulted in this short video; enjoy the fog that veils the dawn and beyond.

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