Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Image of the Month: August

Another month, another new image.  This time I'd like to present to you for your viewing pleasure not one, but two images.  The reason for this is that the same artistic approach was taken but with a difference.  The image content varies only slightly, however the image sizing is quite different between the two images.

Beaches #1
© 2012, Joanne Scherf

For both images I used the same approach.  Basically I took about 40 image captures then stitched them together to create one final panoramic view.  As you can see for only one image I kept the panoramic perspective (above), but for the second image (below) I decided to crop out the periphery acquired from panoramic capture and went with a square cropped format.  Again, this look was the result of stitching 40 images together and not from some expensive panoramic lens.

Beaches #2
© 2012, Joanne Scherf

Both images were taken during the final phase of a sunset in early July.  I particularly like the warping effect, muted glow of color and saturation levels at this evening hour.  My only disappointment is perhaps the clarity is a bit too soft in some areas for me.  But overall I'm pleased with the effect of taking 40 images and stitching them into one image with a somewhat special twist.  I think it offers a little interest to what could perhaps be just an average image.

Question for You:  Of the two images which do YOU prefer, #1 OR #2 ....why?


  1. My eyes track to image 2 first, the deck is the focus, saying "come out and enjoy..."

  2. Yes #2 definitely has dramatic leading lines that are quite inviting.