Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A NEW Website Gallery...Venus Rising

Where to begin?  I have a new website gallery titled Venus Rising.  My goal was to not capture the objective reality but rather getting closer to the essence of a woman's beauty and expressing it in an abstract manner, revealing the brilliant core and colorful soul of a woman's body.  In brief, I immersed myself in this exercise to fine tune my creative vision and play with transcending the reality to disclose the genuine essence of a woman's vagina, revealing it's beauty, mystery, and magic.  Also to accompany this work I wrote a 5 line verse further enhancing the visual by lines describing the essence.

You've heard the imitates art or art imitates life.   As I was in the process of artistic experimentation of this project, the parallel universe of the current toxic political reality was exhibiting draconian theatre.  Recent political news has been overwhelmed with coverage on the war on women's bodies and reproductive rights; specifically regarding, yes wait for it....the vagina.  Apparently the majority of male members (and sadly some women) of the Republican Party and extreme conservative idealogues at the state and federal levels seem hell bent on taking away women's reproductive freedom, civil rights and overall ownership of our bodies; battles that had been fought and won decades ago.

So with the juxtaposition of these parallel universes in my life of art and the toxic, anti-women political environment, I created a second verse to the original one verse statement which is targeted, yet brief in it's political stance.  As an artist I felt total creative freedom and yet as a woman in today's political climate I felt the total opposite. With politicians passing legislation that attacks my womanhood, my body, my life, I felt the need to embrace my creative freedom to express in both images and words my thoughts on the beauty and voice of the vagina.  Basically, if you can't even say the word "vagina" when debating (that's even questionable) on legislative floors, then "if you can't say it, you can't legislate it'.  Better yet, if you don't have one (vagina), hands off my body and my rights as a woman.

So, as an artist I embraced my creative freedom to express in both images and words my thoughts on the beauty and voice of the vagina.  Here's one image sample, but go to my website at to view all 13 images of the Venus Rising gallery in its entirity.  This gallery is dedicated to Venus Libertas, the Venus goddess of freedom; freedom of action, freedom from restraint, independence, rights, and related forms of personal and social liberty.  Sidenote:  The most famous of the Freedom Goddess' American depictions is Lady Liberty herself, the Statue of Liberty.

© 2012, Joanne Scherf

Venus Rising

Venus rises in her glory
Lips of grace welcomes
Butterfly warrior wings unfold
Root soul of strength and power revealed
A velvet purse of beauty awaits.

Women united in sisterhood 
One heart
One voice
One choice.
              © Joanne Scherf, 2012

Share this site with others in the hope that this may motivate some to perform one's civic duty and VOTE in NOVEMBER, or in the very least appreciate my artistic interpretation.

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