Monday, July 23, 2012

Layers of Creativity

I'm often perplexed with the line between being a "purist" versus a license to creative freedom.  As I continue to fine tune my craft I have pursued a more flexible approach to my imagery that now includes a more robust toolkit that I use appropriately when the image calls for it.  As any other artist, I have built the contents of my toolkit as I continue to learn new techniques, styles, or as tools are introduced for my exploratory discovery. I believe a photographer's toolkit includes much more than the camera.  In these times of accelerated technological advancements one would typically have a toolkit of favorite applications.  Much like I originally fine tuned images in the dark room using a variety of techniques and handmade tools I now perform post-processing on the computer.  I personally don't see it any differently as a painter using a multitude of brushes to achieve the final outcome.  It just floors me when the artistic credibility of photographers are usually called into question especially when something more than a camera is used.  Whereas on the flip side a painter or sculptor is typically never asked what tools they use to achieve the final piece of art.  Is that because photographers usually use a mechanical device rather than traditional hand tools?  Perhaps.

Case in point.  With more use of the iPhone I find myself using a few apps that allow me to use it in a manner of an artist by re-shaping or re-interpreting to enhance the original image.  Some apps are best for traditional tonal adjustments, whereas others are best suited to more creative freedom where I can totally rearrange the visual content to my liking.  I know there are some apps out there that with one click of the button one can sometimes obtain a rather cheesy each his/her own.  My current inclination is to go to those apps that require several passes at an image by creating multiple layers of creativity.  I then import that image into another app to use it for its special feature(s); continuously building upon the image until I'm satisfied with the new interpretation.  Consider it similar to a painter using a variety of different brushes for different effects.

Regardless of your position on this matter I hope you enjoy this new image.

© 2012, Joanne Scherf

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