Sunday, July 1, 2012

Image of the Month: July

I find myself  in sort of a new mindset lately.  One that is hungry for applying my photographic skills in a more adventurous manner, one considered atypical of the routine capture of a "straight" image and minor tonal adjustments.  That's often the reason I turn to creating abstract imagery because it forces me to become more creative and likewise provides an opportunity for the viewer to become more engaged in the process.  I previously touched on this concept with the June 4 posting of "Poetic License of Abstraction" discussing the importance of feelings over subject matter and the value of searching for the hidden meaning and appreciating what is not visible.

Tapestry, © 2012 Joanne Scherf

This image, Tapestry, is easily categorized in the same genre of the "poetic license".  The original is actually a typical landscape that I've used as raw material for creating a totally different outcome. Perhaps in a later posting I would like to share the "before" image so you can compare, but for the present moment I believe more value resides in total immersion of this creative interpretation of the final result, Tapestry.  So for now, concentrate on Tapestry and immerse yourself in the surreal, mystical, and abstract interpretation of this image.  Ask yourself:

  • What is the spirit of the object(s) revealed?
  • Does this image bear any resemblance to anything recognizable in my world?
  • Does my aesthetic appreciation depend on finding an identifiable form?
  • Is there a combination of styles within the same image?
  • Does this "photograph" feel like another art form?
  • Would my level of appreciation increase if I saw the original "straight" image?
  • Will this image cause me to view future images or real life objects differently? 
I'm always up for an exchange of thoughts; conversations most welcome.


  1. It will be interesting to see the "raw material" that you created this image from.......I love it. It definitely is something very new and different for you.....keep that creativity flowing.

  2. Thanks Kathy. The "reveal" of the raw material/original image may come down the road a bit as I'm really enjoying the immersion into this new creative outlet and outcome....Joanne