Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Launch of Video Series: "On Location"

Just returned from New York Finger Lakes region where I eagerly used the video camera on my iPhone for the first time.  Being a photographer I was intrigued about the transition between still and motion images.  The video camera has limitations as it has a fixed lens and close-ups/zooms are limited to the length of my arms.  As you'll see there's room for improvement in both capture and editing, but overall I was pleasantly surprised that the video appears to have potential.

So based on my first blush of experience I'm creating and launching a video series "On Location" that will expand my creative outlets for visual imagery.  The occasional postings of this series may present a destination for a variety of reasons:  recommended place of interest for photography, hiking experience, or just a behind the scenes look of me working in the field capturing still images.  I think over time it will settle down and have greater focus and vision, but for now I'm having fun sharing on a more spontaneous nature.

For Watkins Glen State Park I have created two videos.  The first is a 2-minute trailer that provides the highlights of the hiking trip through the gorge.  The second video is a full-length 6 minute presentation of the full experience available on VIMEO...see link below the trailer video.

A 2 minute highlight of the hike within the Watkins Glen Gorge. Nineteen cascading waterfalls, 800 vertical stone steps. An amazing natural gorge is a hidden treasure of the Finger Lakes region of New York

*** FOR THE FULL 6-MINUTE VIDEO GO TO ***https://vimeo.com/joannescherf

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