Friday, June 1, 2012

Image of the Month: June

This image of the month has an unusual influence, not exactly the norm, so let me explain.  I recently spent some time in New York and had the incredible experience on several occasions to observe the delicate art of hot glass blowing.  The demonstration was more akin to watching a performance artist create a studio glass object while the process unfolded and a contemporary fine art sculpture was the final outcome, greeted with a sound round of applause from the audience.  After dwelling on my hot glass experience I began contemplating how I could approach my photography in much the same way.  Rather than begin with a small glob of molten glass at the end of a pipe, I would begin with a straight image of a rather traditional object or landscape, and like the glass blower, skillfully shape my initial image into something abstract and quite unlike the raw material I began with.

I'm in the experimental stages but I think it is worth pursuing as a long term project resulting in a complete photo essay/portfolio.  My process again involves beginning with a simple raw image and then shaping the image over a period of time to skillfully create the abstraction, or photo sculpture, so the literal context is completely removed and art is the end result.  The process itself requires more of a free form approach where there is no preconceived plan and I build on the spontaneity of the discovery until I feel the ultimate art form has been created.  The raw material for this image began the journey as two incomplete pieces of bowls in a tabletop format.  The end result image is an abstracted sculpture that I manipulated, much like a glass blower, to create a flowing form or photo sculpture from basic raw material.

© 2012, Joanne Scherf

As always I'd love to hear any feedback particularly since this is such a new approach for me.


  1. You captured the various colors so beautifully. Fern

  2. Thanks Fern...glad you enjoyed it. I love the beautiful interplay of colors as well.

  3. I love this has such a beautiful slow motion to it.......thanks for sharing.