Monday, April 30, 2012

1 Tree, 3 Interpretations

The beauty of photography are the endless possibilities in the interpretation of a single vision; black&white vs. color, straight vs. soft focus,  rectangular frame vs. square format, and the options go on and on.  Now using an iPhone to capture this image I was able to play around even further with a variety of apps to process (in camera/phone) three distinctively different creative effects for a single image.  Not that one or the other is better, it's just that viewing them in relationship to one another I think you as the viewer can further appreciate the possibilities....the mind is the only barrier to one's creativity because the technology is certainly here.  I don't view the iPhone advanced technology for capturing AND processing the image as a fleeting moment in the history of the medium of photography.  Rather I view this as an incredible opportunity to further demonstrate the artistry of photography when one uses this technology as just another tool in one's toolkit of again...endless possibilities.  It certainly does not replace my other tools, it just enhances my ability as an artist to selectively identify the appropriate tool for achieving the artistic vision I began I with.

Tree 1, 2012, Joanne Scherf
Tree 2, 2012, Joanne Scherf
Tree 3, 2012, Joanne Scherf

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