Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Winter's Day

To say this has been an unusual winter is overstating the obvious.  So with record-breaking, beautiful warm weather, blue skies with just the perfect amount and type of clouds, I trekked off to a local park to play with more long exposure techniques.  I set up the tripod and began taking several shots, only to be caught in a mini wind storm with significant drop in temperature, and total white-out snow squall.....even the ducks and geese were taking cover, and they had "down" protection!  In the midst of a long exposure shot I decided to continue and use my body as a wind shield to avoid my tripod from being blown away, and yes, ruining the shot, not to mention all the waiting time associated with capturing a long exposure shot.  After an afternoon of capturing images, one stands out, which is usually the case.  Art after all takes time, lots of it, but usually one is rewarded for tenacity, determination, and patience.

© 2012, Joanne Scherf

The "keeper" is the image above.  Although setting off in perfectly beautiful weather, I was caught in nature's inexplicable and sudden mini-storm that was actually a gift.  I feel confident I captured the essence of the mood and ambience of that day at the park during the storm.  Because of the long exposure setting I did not capture the actual snow storm/flakes blowing past me, but feel the mood is just as evident without, less distracting.

As I continue my remote class with a long exposure master, I find myself coming to terms with slowing down the process of actually taking the shot.  Not that I was a speed demon or trigger happy going crazy with a rapid fire automatic shutter before taking the class.  As slow and methodical as I was previous to this class, I did find I'm quite comfortable with the much prolonged act of waiting during the long exposure, even in inclement weather.  It offers more opportunities to look around quietly assessing the landscape for more shots from different angles, or more thoughts of "what if".

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