Friday, December 2, 2011

Tooting My Own Horn - B&W Magazine

For all the time and effort involved in capturing images, processing, editing, and then submitting them for juried competition the hard work often goes unnoticed unless one is fortunate to be accepted.  Things are changing.  In the past year I've noticed that even if one does not make the cut into the final juried exhibit, more organizations are finding ways to provide all artists submitting work to gain exposure regardless. That's why I'm happy to announce another opportunity for national exposure even though my work was not awarded by B&W Magazine....not yet, at least.

About 5 months ago I submitted 9 images to the B&W Magazine 2011Single Entry Competition.  I recently received notice my work was not accepted.  However, B&W is showing all entries on their website....thousands!!  Use the link provided and view all 9 of my images; using the "enlarge" icon for full screen views.   Here are just two samples, but go to the website for all 9 images.

Past Tense, © 2008, Joanne Scherf

The Corner, © 2007, Joanne Scherf

B&W Magazine - Joanne's work submitted

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