Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beyond the Basics

We live in extraordinary times in the world of photography and imagery.  While technology is constantly pushing the envelope, I find it offers exceptional opportunities in the creative aspect.  I recently discovered a new project by Tom Lowe, the "Astronomy Photographer" of the year that is about to be released to the public.  Tom's photographic niche is time lapse motion control imagery.  On this project, Timescapes, Tom captures RAW digital images and collaborates with musician, John Stanford for some mind-blowing "ambient chill out music" to create a multi-sensory delight. Makes one wonder about the possibilities...endless!

Timescape by Tom Lowe
Music by John Stanford

Note:  For best video results, click on small play button at bottom of frame, then large play button in middle of frame.  This will send you directly to YouTube page.  Otherwise by just hitting one play button you get the music but the imagery has quite a delay.

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