Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who Says? What if? Why Not?

Who says photography has to be stagnant?  Where is it written that photographic images have to be contained within the confines of matt board and glass with frame?  Why not capture creative images and edit them in such a robust sequence that they appear in motion.  And why not provide a background of music to further enhance the creative experience?  Why not indeed!

To that end I stumbled upon this incredible creative endeavor of the artist, Oren Lavie in my routine download of constant research relevant to my art form.  He not only conceived the project, but also is the on-screen talent, director, musician and singer.  The process is intriguing for me, as a "still" photographer I dream about the possibilities of creating something edgy with my art.   When I viewed Oren's work I knew the process of "stop motion video" was just what I had in mind but didn't know there was a defined genre.

Oren's work, titled "Her Morning Elegance" is a masterpiece example of a new pop phenomena.  It was composed of 2,096 still photographs.  The images were shot and sequenced to create a sense of movement.  The possibilities of "still photography" are endless.

© Orin Lavie, "Her Morning Elegance"

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