Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Collaboration as Art Form

Photography, much like painting and sculpture, has the potential for being a very private and isolated art form.  It's not that unusual to create a project, capture images, and edit one's work as an individual exercise without much influence from others.  Yet why can't photography offer opportunities to collaborate with other artists much like is done in film or video where the synergy of visual and literary artists form an alliance to provide a narrative for their work.  To that end I recently came upon an opportunity to do just that.  It provided an interesting spin on the collaboration approach whereupon the written word drove the imagery to tell the story.  Basically the project involved visually interpreting a random selection of script excerpts from a proposed film.  Given very brief script statements presented in incomplete sentences, the photographer was asked to interpret the script to convey the essence of the writer's intent.

I found this approach fascinating since one typically goes out to capture an image based on one's own personal story or essay.  The opportunity to interpret someone else's words and create images to convey the message was an alternative not previously encountered.  It was an interesting experiment that resulted in contemplating future collaborative projects with a mixed bag of art forms, both visual and literary.

Lisle!  Hush!  You're gonna wake the dead people.  (Aurora....tense).

Heaven's Gate, © Joanne Scherf

Suddenly I (Lisle) was in this place I'd never seen....everything was white....

Wonderland, © Joanne Scherf

Lisle moves closer, pushing branches aside as she goes.  And that's when she sees it; suddenly the creature transforms....

© Joanne Scherf

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