Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Image Display Alternatives: Thinking Outside the Box

The physical properties of a photographer's image is defined as a 2D piece of art.  As a photographer who valiantly attempts to challenge the status quo I've always struggled with discovering possible alternatives to the traditional and somewhat boring display method; matted and framed prints hanging on a wall.  To that end I experimented in my one woman show, the 3D Environment, last September to discover if there was indeed an alternative to the traditional display options without using a multi-media approach of technology.

In two sections of my show I tried using a different print surface along with a creative method of displaying some of my work.  The surface of choice for my little experiment was a specially coated aluminum sheet with high gloss finish that took on an almost magical luminescence quality.  Two sections of the exhibit had magnetic strings suspended from the ceiling that was capable of bearing the load of multiple 5x7 metal images, thereby creating mobiles of art.  The metal print surface was a brilliant choice and the creative display of images suspended from the ceiling was very successful.  I'm ecstatic to report that this new approach allowed the viewer to walk around and between the suspended mobiles, become more engaged, and created a definite buzz since that was something totally new and unexpected.  An extra special bonus was the placement of my mobile art near a glass roof dome of the gallery's 2nd floor that allowed a variety of natural light throughout the day creating dancing shadows of the mobiles on a nearby wall.  The metal print material, display approach of suspended mobiles, and natural lighting from a sky roof dome all coalesced together to form a creative special effect.

Not that all images can be displayed in this manner, but it proves that our vision as photographers continues beyond the frame.  One must think about the appropriate display options that fit the intent and "inner vision".  After this experiment I was excited to see the positive results of this mobile effort but am even more committed to provide my viewers creative options or experiences when viewing my work.

Suspended Mobiles of Art

Dancing Shadows

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